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He who only  fights for victory does not earn anything
worth living for      -       Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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The father and fighter Viktor has to find an exit from the spiral of violence. Experiencing that training has nothing to do with fighting and fighting has nothing to do with beating becomes his

real fight.

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R E A L F I G H T            SYNOPSIS

Viktor is a thoroughly trained and toned martial artist. "Full
Contact" is not a sport where you can earn money. His

sponsors only pay for Olympic recognized sports. Viktor

earns his money with fights that are far below his level. Since

the beginning of his life Viktor is dealing with the trauma that

his violent father has caused. Before they are able to work out their differences, the father dies.
At the funeral, Viktor has no feelings. He burns the letter that
his father has left for him. For him, the motto is: strength is
related to love like power to hate. Illegal fights are taking
place in Berlin, during which rich industrial magnates are looking
for bodyguards who cannot be identified as such. Viktor
matches the desired traits. During the fights of the first round
he loses his poise and almost beats his opponent to death.

His coach is irritated. The bodyguard-scouts are thrilled.

He succeeds in the first round.
At the next competition on June 4, a decision is due. Scouts
that are present make an offer to the fighter. Whoever is
taking the path of a bodyguard is leaving civilian life. That is
still not clear not clear to Viktor. This kind of life is not compatible
with having a family. Viktors great love Lisa broke up with
him after the birth of their son Johann. The 6 year old Johann
is unaware of the world, in which his father lives. Lisa is disappointed by Viktors decision. David, the manager, is worried
about his protégé. He knows that a solely physical preparation
alone is not enough. He is contacting Lisa to find out if she
would take Viktor back.

David is torn between the idea of bringing the family back
together and the task of preparing the next big fight. Lisa
helps David to realize, that Viktor has exceeded the boundaries
between strength and power, love and hate. Viktor is
increasingly stressed to keep control of life. He is no longer
able to pay his bills; his sponsors have dropped him.


He loses his home and is now sleeping in his car. Out of necessity he’s taking his son with him to the gym. Viktor is lying

to Lisa. He simply cannot tell her that ne no longer has no place to live. Meeting her was his dreams come true. They fell in love while both playing parts in Tennessee Williams' "The Glass Menagerie". What is life worth when one has forgotten his dreams? Johann proudly shows his father Viktor an invitation to a play in which he will participate 
(Faust for children). Viktor gives his ok, asks his son
to do his homework and goes to his training
next door. Secretly Johann observes the training and notices
a for him incomprehensible brutality between his father and
his coach. Shortly thereafter, John
repeats what he whitnessed in the
training session in the schoolyard and hurts a boy. As a result,
Lisa and Victor must now come together and function as
parents. The school’s principal shows little understanding of
Johanns behavior. Lisa can relate to this. While still on the
school grounds, a heavy argument starts between the two.
The rage of a man can destroy walls, but the rage of a woman
can destroy cities. Viktor begins to understand that physical
strength alone means nothing.
The much more experienced friend and trainer David does
not want that Viktor competes in the upcoming fight. He gives
Viktor an insight into his own life and tells him of an incident

that made him realize that the so-called fighting spirit is
nothing but a lie: "in front of a the Savings Bank, in broad daylight,
a father slapped his little son, and he, the highly trained
fighters, did not intervene." David realized: training has
nothing to do with fighting and fighting has nothing to do with
hitting. For Viktor the doubts are now becoming insurmountable.
Both the school theater performance of his son as well as the
date for the final battle are falling on the same date on June 4.
Viktor makes the decision not to compete and to devote his
time to his son. So instead of showing up for the fight, he goes
to Johanns performance. This turns out to be a deadly decision.
The "job offer" is to be understood as a command. The
oligarch (Mario Adorf) orders Viktor to meet in person, only to tell him how the world of power functions before he orders his killing.

R E A L F I G H T          CAST

Mina Tander-Lisa _edited.jpg

MINA TANDER       Lisa

Viktor 3_edited_edited.jpg

Mathis Landwehr     Viktor

MARIO ADORF      Oligarch

Tristan Heers        Johann

Dieter Landuris-Boss_edited.jpg

Dieter Landuris       Boss

David Scheller-Trainer_edited.jpg

David Scheller        Trainer

Andreas Koess-Boss_edited.jpg

Andreas Köss

Nathias Boeker-Boss_edited.jpg

Markus Böker

Mario Irrek-Boss_edited.jpg

Mario Irrek  



Bianca Karsten

Thosten Loeb-_edited.jpg

Thorsten Loeb 

Vater auf der Straße

Sandra Steinbach_edited.jpg

Sandra Steinbach  Mutter auf der Straße

R E A L F I G H T          GALLERY

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